I’m Moraima, freelance illustrator and graphic designer living in ''sunny'' Nottingham. 
My story started when I was a little girl painting the walls of my parents house, I would often day dream  about drawing elves and all kinds of mythical creatures, this was the moment when I discovered my passion for illustration. 

I graduated in 2006 with my degree in Fine Arts from the university of Granada, Spain. After completing my degree I went on to study Technique in illustration and graphic design in Malaga. My first employment opportunity was with a Spanish company Mayoral working In children's fashion where I learned how to apply some of my craft. After getting established in Spain I started to freelance for different companies around Europe. 
I decided to take a break and to travel around the world to get inspired and to explore new places, after nearly 2 years of traveling I decided to return to Europe but to this time I decided to move to the UK for the next chapter of my career. 
Now finally I have my own little way to share what I love with others.